Sunday, November 1, 2015

Have I just created a punster?

My wife and I "inherited" this cat when we moved in to our new residence more than a year ago. Cynthia's daughter and her family who used to live in this house "bequeathed" their pet to us because they said that it was good at getting rid of pests. So for the past year or so we just called it with the generic name of "pusa" (the Tagalog word for cat). Until lately, that is. Our new household help, Rosamie, one morning approached us while my wife and I were having breakfast. She announced that she had given our pet a name. "CATcher," Rosamie said, "because it was good at catching mice and lizards and snakes".

CATcher, I thought to myself, what an appropriate and punny name! I smiled at my wife and looked at her with wide eyes because honestly I never expected a house help to come up with such an ingenuous name. Had our house help been reading my pun posts in Facebook? Have I just created a punster?